The America my father grew up in is not the America I experience today. In my father’s time, there wasn’t the serious inflation we are seeing now from our fiat currency system.

Growing up now, your life is basically full of debt if you want to pursue a higher education. The interest rates of loans has skyrocketed. You leave school and then you owe this crazy ridiculous sum of money to them. A strong majority of Americans don’t even work in their field post-grad.

Then there’s the loan for your car, and most teens need a co-signer with good credit to get a vehicle.

It is more feasible now to rent instead of buy a home, as mortgage interest rates will keep you indebted to the issuing bank for possibly decades.

Our problems seem to multiply day by day, as they compliment each other in a bittersweet acceleration towards our own, self-consuming apocalypse.

The responsibility, or rather the accountability, of the problem is easy to identify. But it seems like we are obsessed with pointing fingers instead of embracing the issues with open arms. Our ideology now is moral indifference to that which does not directly affect us.

We should be invigorating our own people, and not pursuing the liberation of oppressed people through foreign interventionism. Instead of Foreign Policy, we need Domestic Maintenance.