Where Did Aleppo’s Factory Equipment Go?

As 2016 came to an end, the people of Syria and Aleppo celebrated a special Christmas.  Aleppo had been liberated by the Syrian Army, and the spirits of those fighting for it’s freedom from masked foreign terrorism was at it highest, ever.

Rebuilding and de-mining of the city routinely began as advances were made into Eastern Aleppo.  As life begins to return to normal for the city’s remaining Syrians, there are issues that still remain to be addressed.

The following documentary points to a controversy which has been overlooked by the over-zealous, Western “human-rights” watch dogs who follow the “Assad Must Go” ideology.  Speakers includes Fares Shehabi, MP for Aleppo, and Tom Duggan; a seasoned reporter who has been living in Syria since the beginning of the false “civil war”.

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