Analyst Spotlight: Kevork Almassian’s Syriana Analysis

UPDATE 3/6/17: Check out Kevork’s other YouTube which has many of his media appearances.

Kevork Almassian is a Syrian political journalist based in Germany.  He recently created a YouTube channel called “Syriana Analysis” that has been growing in popularity with many alternative news seekers.

You can find him at:

Syriana Analysis YouTube Channel

Syriana Analysis Facebook Page

Syriana Analysis on Twitter

Kevork’s Instagram

More about Kevork from his Facebook page:

Kevork Almassian is a dedicated academic and researcher, with expertise in Middle Eastern and International Relations, particularly Geopolitics and Power Politics.
He is currently a Masters Candidate at the University of Balamand’s Political Science and International Affairs Department. He is originally from Syria and was sponsored by Kalamoon University’s International Relations and Diplomacy Department to pursue his studies at Science’sPo/Paris European Affairs Department.

Almassian has previous experience in hosting and producing political shows at Al-Etejah TV English, in addition to commenting on and analyzing the political developments on different News Channels.

Almassian wad a Political Researcher and Project Coordinator at the Institute for Futuristic Studies, where he conducted his academic research about International Politics and Regional Affairs.

As an expert in International Relations, Almassian publishes research articles and reports to multiple leading newspapers and journals.

During free times, Mr. Almassian adores playing and watching football, as well as listening to House and Jazz Music, and watching the latest movies in the cinema.

His latest analysis is on the bogus Amnesty International report that claims as many as 13,000 people were hanged by the Syrian Government, however, Kevork tears their lies apart piece by piece:

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  1. I am beginning to recognise fake reporting. As soon as I read this, I knew that it was not true. What I am not clear about is who is to blame and whether or not it involves AI.

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